The Faculty of Medicine supports our Higher Degree Research Candidates through:

  1. Computing Support

The Faculty of Medicine provides a UQ-supported desktop or laptop to our PhD and MPhil students, if required, when they commence their candidature. The scheme fully funds a selected standard desktop or laptop model or subsidises the cost of a non-standard device. 

  1. Faculty of Medicine Researcher Development Award

The intent of the Researcher Development Award is to support our students' research experience and professional development, through travel and attendance at conferences, skills development activities and collaborative visits, to present research and to enhance post‐doctoral employability. PhD candidates may request funding up to $4000 throughout the period of candidature; MPhil candidates up to $2000. The award may be claimed as a single award for one activity, or as multiple smaller awards throughout candidature.

  1. Exceptional COVID‐impact Support

Students in later years of candidature who have lost their window of opportunity to travel to conferences, specifically due to COVID impact on travel, can propose alternative HDR developmental activities that are not generally supported by the Researcher Development Award. 

HDRs in Partnering Units

QIMR Berghofer, MRI‐UQ and the UQ Poche Centre enroll their HDR candidates through the Faculty of Medicine but provide HDR support directly to their students. Our HDR students from these units should access the support provided by those units instead. Students enrolled in Faculty of Medicine, but with shared arrangements with other UQ Faculties or Institutes may be eligible for partial support.