Our researchers are dedicated to creating change and work tirelessly to produce positive outcomes for patients. Some of our greatest impacts took decades to come to fruition, so we know good things take time. But we also know that if there is an opportunity to accelerate an outcome, we need to do all we can.

To achieve this, we launched a new initiative called Health Outcome Programs (HOPs) which aim to produce discrete and visible health outcomes. Sooner.

Our vision is to build an innovative and internationally recognised medical research enterprise that delivers improvements in clinical care.

What does this mean? It means we are backing up our words with actions. It means, progressing our research into improved health outcomes. And it means working closely with our hospital and health partners to help patients. 

The Health Outcome Program represents a fresh approach to Faculty research. These are very specific and targeted programs of research that address a single health problem and will become ‘flagship’ programs that we’re internationally renowned for.

For Researchers

If you are a Faculty of Medicine researcher and want to learn more about HOPs, please visit the Faculty Intranet.

Health Outcome Programs commencing in 2017: