Science meets Medicine in the fight against blood cancer

Every day, 34 Australians are diagnosed with a form of blood cancer or a related blood disorder, making it the third-biggest cause of cancer-related death in Australia after lung and bowel cancer. Early diagnosis and swift treatment is the key to survival.

Blood cancer researchers in the UQ Faculty of Medicine focus on developing new, less toxic, and personalised treatments using state of the art genomics, establishing new biomarkers, and closely monitoring response and relapse.

Our clinicians are treating patients in close proximity to their research laboratories and the program aims to not only improve diagnosis and treatments for patients, but to provide better means for prevention and new targeted therapies.

Our research outcomes

  • Our research is giving way to new tools that will prove invaluable in the ongoing fight against blood cancer.
  • We have discovered new ways to attack cancer cells using targeted therapies, ensuring healthy cells are kept safe during chemotherapy.
  • We have developed a ground-breaking new test that determines how patients will react to different treatments, ensuring they receive the best possible care.
  • We aim to translate our work into better treatments for the best possible patient outcomes.
  • Our goal is to lower relapse rates, increase survival rates and improve quality of life while positively impacting the ways in which drugs are funded and delivered into the healthcare system.

Blood cancer research leaders