HDR computing support

Faculty of Medicine HDR computing support

  • A dedicated UQ-supported desktop computer will be made available to students when they commence for the duration of their candidature*, if required. It is expected that most, if not all, students will possess their own mobile computing devices and the Faculty will fund a reliable and secure UQ desktop computing facility in the workplace.
  • The standard configuration for Faculty supplied computers will vary over time, but generally will be a 23-24”single screen, 8GB RAM, and 2.256GB drive. If the Principal Advisor identifies that a higher spec’d computer is required by their student, the Faculty will provide the Principal Advisor with $1200 to contribute towards the purchase of a computer. 
  • Computers provided through this scheme remain the property of UQ when candidates complete their study.
  • For non standard desktop orders or orders exceeding $1200, further information and approval is required. 

How to apply

Apply here  

For new applications the Faculty Advisor Support Form includes a section for the Principal Advisor to complete regarding computing requirements.  The form will be provided during admission processes and the relevant HLO will facilitate the purchase and deployment of the computer once approved.

*Advisors of students within QIMR Berghofer and MRI-UQ should arrange computer support via those Institutes.  Students with shared arrangements with UQ Faculties or Institutes outside of Medicine may be eligible for partial support from the Faculty of Medicine.