UQ Travel and COVID-19 advice

UQ is following Australian Government travel advice and has suspended travel to some regions.  Further travel bans may be imposed at short notice.  Student travellers should refer to the latest advice on the UQ COVID-19 information for travellers , and the Australian Government’s Smart Traveller website for country specific information prior to travel.

Outside of currently restricted regions, students and their supervisors should consider the need to travel, the risk their own health and potential quarantine periods, as well as cost implications of event cancellation windows and case-by-case insurance cover.    

All domestic and international travellers must be registered with International SOS https://travel.uq.edu.au/internationalsos so as to receive pre-departure medical, safety and security information and advice, as well assistance while travelling. 

Faculty of Medicine HDR Travel Scholarships

  • Higher Degree by Research students enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine enrolling unit will be eligible to receive travel scholarship funding to support up 2 domestic trips and 1 international trip during their candidature.*[1]
  • Domestic Travel Scholarships will be $800
  • International Travel Scholarships will be $2000
  • These funds can be used to support airfares and accommodation as well as conference registration costs. 
  • These scholarships are also available for students to advance their research projects (ie through visiting other research labs), or to attend highly specialised workshops or training opportunities. 
  • Students are required to present their work at conferences they attend or institutions they visit.
  • Students can make application for a Travel Scholarship at any time of the year (there are no scholarship ‘rounds’), but must be made 3 months prior to the planned travel and 6 weeks prior to any purchase deadlines e.g, early bird dates.
  • Students must have successfully passed the Confirmation Milestone to be eligible to apply for Faculty of Medicine Travel Scholarships

Support provided in the past by previous enrolling units may be considered when assessing applications from existing students

Dual Purpose Travel

Dual purpose travel (“DPT”) occurs when your trip includes a private component.  While HDR students are not subject to the Fringe Benefit Tax considerations that staff members are, the private travel component of dual purpose travel must not be paid for using University funds.  Your supervisor needs to be aware of and approve your dual purpose travel and you will need to meet the cost of your private travel, for example, the cost of additional accommodation, side-trip flights, or the balance between the cost of direct flights and a round trip which includes private travel.

If your trip includes private travel, please complete a domestic or international dual travel calculator form and upload it with your application.  Your supervisor should include in their statement of support that they are aware of and have assessed that the number of private days are reasonable.You should indicate private travel costs in your scholarship budget.

Domestic Calculator: http://www.fbs.uq.edu.au/docs/tax/dpt_calc_dom.xlsx

International Calculator: http://www.fbs.uq.edu.au/docs/tax/dpt_calc_int.xlsx

As a guideline, the faculty scholarship would normally contribute towards direct flights and accommodation whilst at the conference, and can include the night before and/or night after the conference dates to allow for reasonable arrival and departure times. Please note:

  • If the student takes extra personal days, they will need to meet any extra accommodation expenses themselves. 
  • If the student travels away from the location of the conference for private reasons, they will need to meet any extra travel cost. 
  • If the travel involves a round trip to include private travel, the student will be asked to provide two quotes, one direct and one with the round trip. 
  • The travel scholarship would fund up to the value of the direct flights and the student may be asked to meet the balance. 
  • UQ’s travel insurance may not cover your private travel days.  Students should visit UQ insurance  and contact insurance@uq.edu.au  with any queries.

How to apply

Apply here 

 Students are required to attach written endorsement of the proposed travel from their Principal Advisor to their online application form.  Applications for travel scholarships should be made at least three months prior to planned travel.

[1] Students supervised within QIMR Berghofer and MRI-UQ - please access support via those Institutes.  Students enrolled in Faculty of Medicine, but with shared arrangements with UQ Faculties or Institutes outside of Medicine may be eligible for partial support and may use this form to enquire