In your first week

  • Meet with one of our Higher Degree Liasion Officers (HLOs) to complete your online commencement and receive the Faculty of Medicine (FoM) Induction material for commencing students. This activates your enrolment and you will then receive, within 14 working days, an email with information on your UQ username and password and how to obtain your student ID card.
  • Make sure you can access and use your Student email (you can set up forwarding/re-direction to another account)

    All communications from UQ will be sent to your Student email, which will be in the format  If you have been given another UQ email such as, this is not your student mailbox.  If you would prefer to use that mailbox rather than your Student one, you will need to set up forwarding.

  • If you are on a UQ scholarship, please complete a Method of Stipend Payment form and send to
  • Complete OHS inductions, as directed by your Principal Advisor, starting with the New Worker Induction checklist.  This checklist will guide you/your Advisor as to what other OHS inductions need to be completed.