SPH Research Support

The School of Public Health (SPH) Research Support team is here to help you with your research needs. Contact us as your first point of call with any research related issue on med.research.sph@uq.edu.au

We offer support with budgets, grantsmanship, Funding Application Coversheet processing, Head of School endorsement, research contracts or agreements, and any other queries.

ALL grant and fellowship applications from researchers who are within the School of Public Health must come via our team.

To keep updated on dynamic infomration about research within the school, contact us to be added to the SPH Research Community on Yammer. 

Click on the headings below for resources that will assist you with your research here at SPH.


SPH Research Handbook

The School of Public Health Research Handbook has been prepared to assist new researchers, and those who are just starting out on their research journey. 

Contact our team if you would like to see other information included in the Handbook.

Download the Handbook

FAC and Budget Templates

Grants Process at SPH

New Staff Start-up Funding Scheme Guidelines

Start-up packages may be offered to new academic staff (exc. Teaching Focused) that have been appointed through a competitive recruitment process. Eligible staff will usually be appointed on a continuing or fixed-term contract of >=5 years. The packages are offered to facilitate capacity building and research engagement within the Faculty of Medicine. The aim of this Start-Up scheme is to assist supervisors with initial negotiations with preferred candidates and to assist new staff to:

  • Establish themselves as independent researchers; and
  • Provide start-up funding to facilitate research engagement and the development of competitive bids for external support.

Download the application form

Download the guidelines

Three steps to hiring a casual research assistant

  1. Complete the Staff Appointment Casual Part B – Form.
    1. Determine the appropriate HEW level and maximum number of hours required using this form as a guide: https://staff.uq.edu.au/files/819/classification-professional-research-staff.pdf
    2. Identify the Costing Chartstring from which the prospective staff member will be paid; if you don’t know already, contact finance for assistance (Contact: med.finance@uq.edu.au)
    3. Obtain Finance confirmation that funds are available for the appointment under the identified Costing Chartstring – this should be obtained via email.
    4. Note: in accordance with the Professional Staff Recruitment by Exception Strategy, if this is an Operating Funded Professional position please attach a copy of the approved Critical to Operations Business Case to support this appointment. If the appointment is not Operating Funded, the Critical to Operations Business Case is not required.
  2. Send the below forms to send to the prospective employee including:
    1. Staff Appointment Casual Part A form: This form is used for professional casual appointments. The form is completed by the employee and records the staff member’s details.
    2. Salary payment form: This articulates the prospective employee’s bank details for payment of salary.
    3. Tax File number declaration form: Information in this declaration allows UQ to work out how much tax to withhold from payments made to the employee.
    4. Ask for evidence of their right to work in Australia. Eg. A visa, birth certificate, passport (refer to Casual Part A form for guidance)
  3. Return all of the above to HR to manage the appointment process from here.
    1.  To: med.hr@uq.edu.au. Cc: adam.doyle@uq.edu.au.

Relevant policies and procedures: http://ppl.app.uq.edu.au/content/5.30.01-recruitment-and-selection#Policy