People and culture

  • The Faculty of Medicine is considered an employer of choice by academic and professional staff.
  • Our values are embedded in all of our behaviours and actions. 
  • We are known for the culture of support and respect for our staff and students.
  • Our workplace is a physically, emotionally and culturally safe environment for all staff and students.
  • Global citizenship and social accountability are integral to our culture.
  • Through the Reconciliation Action Plan, we are committed to achieve genuine reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the wider community.
  • We are committed to UQ’s Disability Action Plan, and more specifically, eliminating structural and systemic impediments that impact on people with disabilities.
  • We have an outstanding cohort of leaders and emerging leaders across the academic and professional streams.
  • We are recognised for the entrepreneurship of our staff and students.
  • The careers of our academic and professional staff, especially at their early and mid-career stages, are enhanced through the implementation of a broad range of professional development opportunities and resources.

Collaboration and partnerships

  • The One UQ philosophy informs our approach to external opportunities and our engagement across the University. 
  • Our relationships with all levels of government, the health service, medical research institutes and industry are strong and underpinned by a comprehensive stakeholder engagement framework.
  • We have an international strategy that leverages our strengths and partnerships. 
  • Consumer engagement is a core component of our teaching and research strategy.
  • Our educational and research partnership with the Ochsner Health System is robust.
  • We have effective and sustainable partnerships in regional and rural Queensland.
  • Our alumni value our engagement with them.


Learning and teaching

  • Contemporary education principles underpin the development and implementation of our curricula, assessments and evaluation.
  • Student learning experiences are enhanced through the selection and support of a diverse student cohort.
  • Our educational offerings are of excellent quality and sustainable.
  • The research capabilities of our students are optimised.
  • We acknowledge, develop and reward our teachers.
  • Our graduates are highly valued by employers.
  • We continue to develop innovative teaching spaces.

Research and research training

  • Our research culture promotes excellence and impact, and seeks to actively catalyse research collaborations.
  • Our research investment is strategically aligned and evidence-based.
  • Our research income grows in quantum and diversity.
  • We support our researchers to succeed in a changing research funding environment.
  • Our Higher Degree Research (HDR) students are valued members of the Faculty and University community.
  • Our HDR students are skilled in developing collaboration and entrepreneurship.
  • Our investment in research infrastructure is guided by our strategy.


  • Environmental, social and financial sustainability are embedded in our management and operational activities. 
  • Income distribution and budget management is achieved through a transparent performance based approach.
  • We leverage all of our current funding opportunities for the long-term benefit of our Faculty.
  • We are well positioned to identify additional income generating opportunities.
  • Our advancement function is academically led and professionally supported.

Faculty operations

  • We apply agile ways of working.
  • Our governance structure provides a transparent and inclusive framework for managing and monitoring our activities.
  • All units in the Faculty have access to reliable and relevant performance-related data for decision making.
  • The Faculty has a suite of resources and well-understood protocols that optimise our internal communications activities.


The Faculty of Medicine’s strategic intent must be consistent with our purpose:

"Through the education we provide and the research we conduct, the Faculty’s medical, biomedical and public health endeavours save lives and improve human health in material and lasting ways”

Our explicit values drive our behaviours and operational endeavours:

  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Creativity and independent thinking
  • Mutual respect and diversity
  • Honesty and accountability
  • Inclusiveness and wellbeing

Professor Geoff McColl,
Executive Dean, Faculty of Medicine