Progress Update: September 2018

We have embarked on a major strategic improvement initiative to help us achieve our Faculty ambition to:

  • educate graduates who are ready to make their mark as professionals and leaders;
  • generate research that makes a deep and lasting contribution; and
  • be known for innovation in the design of health delivery and health management systems of the future.

The draft Strategic Plan released in December 2017 outlined 35 recommendations which span across the two focus areas of Education and Research. The Strategic Plan is a long range planning document for the Faculty – it will guide our decision making regarding where we focus our effort and will be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains relevant.

Significant progress has been made on the Strategic Plan Mobilisation Program with several key milestones having been achieved.

  • Recommendations from the first and second wave of projects in the Program have been considered by the Program Steering Group – the Faculty Executive. And a range of recommendations have been endorsed that will see improvements in how we:
    • Support and provide feedback to our teaching academics – both in traditional teaching contexts as well as in clinical teaching settings
    • Organise and deploy our resources for preparing grant applications and supporting and developing our early and mid-career researchers
    • Articulate our areas of research strength at a School and Research Centre level
    • Measure and track our research performance as individuals and collectively at an organisational unit and Faculty level
    • Enhance the experience of our Higher Degree Research students and better support them to identify and pursue tailored and meaningful career paths
    • Enhance the experience of our people across the employment lifecycle
    • Improve our underlying business processes including use of data, methods of internal communication and adoption of standard practices in relation things such as Project Management
    • Enhance student satisfaction and to deepen our engagement with the broad diversity of student cohorts within the Faculty
    • Strengthen and develop our engagement with clinical academics
    • Adapt our Fellowship Enhancement Scheme in recognition that retention of Research Fellows is a key Faculty priority
    • Develop practical steps to provide students with meaningful research experiences.

As the Program progresses into implementation, four Sub-Programs have been established to align with the Executive portfolios and accountabilities:

  1. Promoting Excellence in Education
  2. Research Facilitation
  3. Clinical Excellence
  4. Enablers

Each Sub-Program is led by a Faculty Executive member as Sponsor who has accountability for implementation. Professor Geoff McColl, the Executive Dean, remains as overall Executive Program Sponsor.

View the Program design overview