What is the Strategic Plan Mobilisation Program?

  • A comprehensive program of work that will drive true strategic change for the Faculty
  • The Program is made up of more than 15 cross-Faculty projects that are designed to capitalise on our strengths and improve in areas where we have identified the need for change
  • A Program Office has been established with responsibility for managing the roll out of a series of projects and initiatives that are about turning the Strategic Plan into tangible actions and outcomes

Why are we doing it?

  • We need to adapt and respond to the changing external environment and to improve the way we develop, organise, manage and promote our research and teaching endeavours
  • Our management practices and systems have not kept pace with change and we are under pressure with growing workloads, staffing imbalances, and increasing complexity and mounting performance expectations

What are we hoping to achieve?

  • We will make material and lasting contributions to the health of individuals and populations in education, research and health systems
  • We will deliver enhanced performance across the three key pillars of education, research and the design of health delivery and health management systems of the future

How will the Faculty be known?

We will be known for 5 distinguishing attributes:

  1. For our Entrepreneurial Spirit
  2. For our Collegial Ethos
  3. For our Unity and Equal Appreciation of Education and Research
  4. For our Collaboration-Fostering Approaches
  5. For our Reflection of the Community

How will the Strategic Plan Mobilisation Program impact on me?

  • Our people will play an integral role in shaping an aspiring and dynamic future whereby staff and students are able to realise their personal and professional potentials in a supportive and forward-thinking environment
  • Our people will contribute to the Faculty’s standing as a leading institution of its type among its peers; through the education it provides and the research it conducts, the Faculty’s medical, biomedical and public health endeavours save lives and improve human health in material and lasting ways

What’s been happening since the release of the Strategic Plan?

  • Since the release of the DRAFT Strategic Plan in December 2017, we have held 5 Strategy Refinement Workshops with over 150 colleagues from across the Faculty
  • The workshops provided an opportunity for colleagues from across the Faculty to engage with the draft Plan, provide feedback and to work together to shape what the implementation of the Plan will look like for our Faculty
  • The discussions and feedback received in the workshops have informed the development of a second draft of the Faculty’s Strategic Plan that has been released in June 2018

How has the new Executive Dean been involved?

The new Executive Dean has been briefed on the Strategic Plan and the mobilisation program; he is most supportive of this process.  He is receiving ongoing briefings on the progress of projects from the Faculty Executive Manager.

How can I get involved?

  • Project teams and stakeholder groups have been established with membership from different organisational units across the Faculty
  • Keep up to date with Program news and contribute feedback as new ways of working are developed

How will I keep up to date with what’s going on?

  • The Executive Dean will circulate regular briefings
  • Updates will be posted to the Faculty website
  • Through briefings from your Manager as changes are being implemented