• Program Executive Sponsor / Faculty Executive Dean – Professor Geoff McColl
  • Program Sponsor / Faculty Executive Manager – Marni Jacoby
  • Professor Elizabeth Eakin, Associate Dean (Research)
  • Professor Nick Shaw, Associate Dean (Academic)
  • Professor Sean Emery, Deputy Executive Dean and Research Dean
  • Professor Stuart Carney, Deputy Executive Dean and Medical Dean
  • Professor Charles Gilks, Head of School, School of Public Health
  • Professor Kaye Basford, Head of School, School of Biomedical Sciences

Reporting Schedule

The Program will report monthly as a standing item to the Faculty Executive Leadership Team acting as the Program Steering Group. Progress on the Program will be shared with the broader Faculty via regular all staff email communications from the Executive Dean as well as through updates to this page.

Terms of Reference

  1. To have strategic oversight and give strategic direction to the development and implementation of the Strategic Plan Mobilisation Program;
  2. To consider and approve key recommendations as they relate to specific projects within the context of the Faculty’s strategic direction;
  3. To prioritise the allocation of resources and funding to specific projects as appropriate;
  4. To ensure that identified and emerging risks are appropriately managed; and
  5. To champion a continuous improvement culture within the Faculty.