In March 2017, the Faculty embarked upon a reflection about its intended decadal future. The strategic reflection took place over four workshops with a focus on the future and on affirming and extending the Faculty’s established capabilities in Education and Research, and to find new ones to complement them.

On 21 December 2017, the Faculty released the draft of its Strategic Plan ‘What Future for the Faculty of Medicine Volume 1: The Decadal Ambition as Strategic Plan’.  The Plan contains 35 supporting strategies across Education and Research.

Over the period February – March 2018, five strategy refinement workshops were held with over 150 colleagues from across the Faculty. The workshops provided an opportunity for colleagues to engage with the draft Plan and provide feedback. Key themes from these workshops can be found here; this feedback will inform a further revision and release of an updated Plan in June this year.

From here, the focus has shifted to implementing the intent of the Plan through delivery on a number of projects and initiatives.  We will build on the great work that has already commenced across the Faculty; many existing projects and initiatives have a direct link to the Strategic Plan. Where we identified that a new project is required, we formed a team with representation from across the Faculty to deliver specific project outcomes.

The Decadal Ambition as Strategic Plan

Statement of Decadal Intent 2018-2027

2017 Strategy Development Workshops