Confluence to support our Strategic Plan Mobilisation Projects

Confluence is a key tool to help us share documents and collaborate in the delivery of our Strategic Plan Mobilisation Projects. 

Each Project has its own dedicated 'Space' with a series of pages within it. It is a place where you can create, store and access key project documents, track actions, record and report on project progress and key recommendations. 

Project spaces are structured as follows: 

Confluence project space

Download the Confluence cheat sheet to learn how to log in, find your project space and start using Confluence.


What is Confluence?

  • Confluence is a web-based project collaboration tool
  • It is designed to support effective project management and collaboration
  • Your Confluence space is a place where you can create, organise, discuss and share project work with your colleagues
  • Confluence is being used elsewhere across UQ to support project delivery

Why are we using Confluence for this Program?

  • The Faculty of Medicine has made an investment in the acquisition of Confluence to support and encourage collaboration and knowledge transfer within the Faculty.
  • This Program, with its cross-faculty reach, is a great opportunity to build awareness and skills in Confluence across the Faculty

What will we be using Confluence for?

Confluence will be your supporting tool for:

  1. Storing key project documents and deliverables
  2. Collaborating with project team members and others during the life of your project

What are the expectations on me as a Project Manager in relation to Confluence?

As a Project Manager, you are expected to:

  • Attend Confluence training (as available)
  • Engage with the Program Office to understand how to use Confluence
  • Store key project documents on Confluence
  • Use the templates on Confluence for Project Status Reporting and in compiling your final report for your project that goes to the Program Steering Group (Recommendations for Action Report)
  • Use Confluence to share content and collaborate with project team members (as appropriate)
  • Use Confluence to record and track progress against project actions (as appropriate)

What if colleagues working on the Project can’t access Confluence or are not comfortable to use it?

  • All project team members for Wave 1 projects have been allocated Confluence licenses and invited to join Confluence
  • If you are aware of a project team member who is having trouble accessing Confluence, raise this with the Program Office and we will follow up and resolve the issue

Who can see my Project Space?

Only those people identified as having a role on projects (e.g. Project Leader, Project Manager, Project team member, Key Stakeholder) together with the Program Office will have access to Confluence Spaces.

My project status report is due – where do I find it in Confluence?

  • Each project Space has a dedicated page for reporting project status with templates provided
  • Project status templates (including due dates) are found on the page ‘Project Delivery’

Who do I go to if I am having trouble with Confluence?

Please contact the Program Office in the first instance.