Project Leader: Professor Nick Hawkins (Director, Office of Medical Education)

Project Manager: Michael Richards (Project Officer)

In the Strategic Plan this project is referred to as Ref #10: Update teaching support capability

Project Background and Outcomes

Current situation

Currently, information about students in the MD Program is kept in multiple, disparate data sources.  There is no clear method to integrate the data to obtain a clear picture of the academic progress of a student prior to and during their enrolment in the MD Program, or to interrogate that information in a manner that supports quality improvement in the program.  There is also no clear method for being able to systematically de-identify student information (for privacy purposes). Student assessment information is particularly difficult to collate as it is currently captured in a variety of formats (e.g. Microsoft Excel; Blackboard; ExamSoft; ePortfolio).  As such, the Medical Program is not able to systematically identify factors that may contribute to (or predict) a student’s performance in the program nor can business intelligence be used to design targeted interventions for students who may be ‘at risk’ of poor performance.

Expected outcomes

The overall expected outcome of this project will be the development of a model that allows the aggregation of relevant data from disparate data sources, and the demonstration, using real data, that the system can support meaningful quality improvement in the MD program. Specific outcomes include:

  1. The design of a database that systematically captures assessment and academic progression data on all students in the MD Program at UQ, along with other relevant data from university and local systems;
  2. Development and build of a test model, populated with relevant cohort data, that will serve as a proof of concept; and
  3. Utilisation of the model to address some specific use cases considered to be of importance to Faculty staff.

The successful implementation of this proof of concept model will inform the broader application of such a system or systems for other programs within the Faculty (and elsewhere at UQ).