Project Leader: Professor Kaye Basford (Head of School of Biomedical Sciences), and Professor Charles Gilks (Head of School of Public Health)

Project Manager: Belinda Ryan (Manager, Student Administration)

In the Strategic Plan this project is referred to as Articulating and communicating mutual expectations

Project Background and Outcomes

Current situation

In shaping an outstanding student experience, the Faculty recognizes the importance of having clarity of mutual expectations.  Students of the Faculty enter into a program or course with certain expectations and likewise, the Faculty has expectations of students.  Often these expectations are not aligned and this can impact negatively both on the student’s experience of studying in the Faculty as well as on the Faculty staff who engage directly with the student.  There is an opportunity for the Faculty to define, articulate and communicate mutual responsibilities and expectations for all parties involved in the education process.

NB.  The UQ Student Charter provides a summary of the mutual aspirations and expectations of the UQ community for and about UQ students.  In addition a number of documents within the UQ Policy and Procedures Library: 3.30.01: Teaching and Learning Roles and Responsibilities; and 5.41 Academic Staff: Appointments, Duties and Responsibilities provide a useful resource.

Expected outcomes

The expected outcomes are to:

  1. Build on the UQ Student Charter (as required) and supporting policies and procedures to articulate respective responsibilities and expectations for students and Faculty staff;
  2. Identify appropriate communication channels to communicate mutual expectations and embed these in ways of working; and
  3. Identify a consistent process for monitoring staff and student adherence to respective responsibilities across the Faculty.