Project Leader: Professor Stuart Carney (Deputy Executive Dean and Medical Dean)

Project Manager: Dr Leith Middleton (Project Manager)

Part of a bigger project referred to in the Strategic Plan as Medical Student Support

Project Background and Outcomes

Current situation

The UQ medical program aims to deliver world-standard support for its medical students.  In addition, there is a necessity for the Medical Program to provide student support to comply with AMC accreditation standards.  With this in mind, the Medical Program has undertaken a Student Academic and Professional Support Review and has subsequently launched a Medical Student Support Project.  A key task within the project is to implement a network of Personal Advisors for medical students. The proposed network would include up to 250 Personal Advisors drawn from across the Faculty and a Senior Personal Advisor in each clinical school or unit together.  The Personal Advisors would be allocated 2-4 students in each cohort, each year and would be responsible for being an initial point of contact and support for students throughout the course of their program.  The focus of the personal advisory service would be on wellbeing and social support (i.e. pastoral care) and is distinct from providing academic or career support.

The Faculty is committed to piloting the Personal Advisor Network in the Medical Program and applying the learning across all of our education programs.

Expected outcomes

  1. The design and implementation of a Personal Advisor Network for Medical Students; and
  2. Exploration of the potential for the application of a similar network model across the Faculty.