Project Leader: Marni Jacoby (Faculty Executive Manager)

Project Manager: Cheryl Connor (Senior Manager, Business Improvement)

Project Background and Outcomes

Current situation

Faculty systems and processes have not kept up with the rapid pace of change and growth within the Faculty and there is a real need and opportunity to enhance operational support across a range of dimensions.  A range of current and planned improvement projects in the Faculty can be absorbed into this Project.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Identification of the full range of improvement initiatives and projects currently underway within the Faculty (and where relevant, underway across UQ with a direct impact or involvement for the Faculty);
  2. Increased transparency of current improvement activity through a consistent communication approach and platform;
  3. Commence building business improvement capability across the Faculty [with an initial focus on senior professional staff (both Functional leads and General Managers within the Faculty)]; and 
  4. Design of a program of business improvement projects for the Faculty and identify a priority business improvement project to be launched as part of Wave 3 of the Strategic Plan Mobilisation Program.