Project Leader: Professor Sean Emery (Deputy Executive Dean and Research Dean)

Project Manager: Anne Louise Bulloch (Manager, Research and Research Training)

Project Background and Outcomes

Current situation

The Faculty is committed to the systematic pursuit of excellence in research with a key focus being on the purposeful and professional management and governance of the Faculty’s total research effort.  A key element of the strategy is to design and implement an internal system to monitor and lift the quality of the research effort. The system will assess the degree to which the Faculty’s research aligns with research values and ambitions and will be complimentary to accepted external research quality metrics.  Phase 1 is a scan of the ‘current state’ across the Faculty to identify existing internal research measures.

Expected Outcomes

A key dependency is to understand and align with the work being currently undertaken within the office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) on research metrics (Working Group under the Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Mark Blows).

  1. Consensus on a set of over-arching principles to guide the internal measurement of research performance: principles will define which internal metrics should be used, and guide their use;
  2. Identification of existing internal research measures and metrics across The Faculty;
  3. Identification of ‘categories’ of measures for further consideration as internal measures of research performance;
  4. Identification of specific metrics within these categories, that satisfy the over-arching principles; and
  5. Assessment of the collection, reliability and accessibility of the information that would be measured.