Project Leader: Professor Elizabeth Eakin (Associate Dean, Research)

Project Coordinator: Anne Louise Bulloch (Manager, Research and Research Training)

Project Background and Outcomes

Current Situation

The Faculty is committed to identifying its cross-Faculty research ‘strengths’ – the areas where it will predominantly (but not exclusively) direct its research effort and resources over time.  This is a particularly challenging task given the depth and breadth of research activity and excellence across the Faculty.  As such, it is proposed that a phased approach to the task be adopted with the first phase being an initial scan across the Faculty to identify potential candidates for research strengths.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Develop a framework for determining research strengths for the FoM and consider its alignment with both UQ (Office of DVCR) and external (ERA and E & I) approaches to defining research strengths.
  2. Articulate an approach for the FoM to take in defining its research strengths (to inform Phase 2).