Project Leader: Professor Elizabeth Coulson (Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences)

Project Manager: Dr Celia Webby (School Manager, School of Public Health)

* This project combines two projects from the Decadal Plan Ref 17 and Ref 32.

Project Background and Outcomes

Current situation

This Project has 2 areas of focus (and combines two strategic intents as articulated in the Strategic Plan):

1. Integrating Education with Research

The University is determined ‘…to embed [its] research excellence within the core of [its] teaching to gain cutting-edge knowledge with a highly-valued and distinctive skill set’. The ambition aims to ‘…create inquiry-based learning opportunities that incorporate UQ’s cutting edge research to build student’s advanced knowledge base and skills critical to employability’.

There are clear benefits from a better integration of the Faculty’s education and research efforts.

2. Building Research Capability

Capturing the latent research potential in the Faculty’s T&R body entails the introduction of a more active and purposeful approach to the development of individuals’ research potential. Again, there are opportunities to put strategies in place to build the research potential of individuals.

Expected outcomes

This project will design a strategy to promote and build competency in research across the Faculty through focusing on:

1. Initiatives to expose students to research. This may incorporate:

  • Developing mechanisms by which its students can be exposed to, and participate in, purposeful research;
  • Consideration of opportunities provided by research centres, clinical and other schools both within the Faculty and outside it, as well as external collaborations (e.g. placements, internships); and
  • Consideration of student needs in terms of internships and scholarships; and to seek to accommodate requirements.

2. Building competency for academic staff to supervise research students. This may incorporate:

  • Articulating expectations of the supervisor and supervisee;
  • Providing tools and other support mechanisms for supervisors to assist them in executing their supervisory responsibilities.