Project Leader: Professor Stuart Carney (Deputy Executive Dean and Medical Dean)
Project Manager: Ms Cecile McGuire (Manager International); Ms Rosanna Ryan (Coordinator, Student Enrichment)


Project Background and Outcomes

Current situation

The Faculty strives to be internationally renowned for the diversity of student intake, the excellence of education and the quality of its graduates.

Attracting and retaining the most capable students is deemed to be a key enabler to deliver on these aspirations.

The development of a strong mix of domestic and international students at both undergraduate and graduate levels is considered to be an important foundation. It is important also to note that the international student profile for the Faculty has grown over time and will continue to grow into the future. The sustainability of the Faculty depends on growth in key markets including international students and, as such, there is a need for the Faculty to ensure that it remains competitive in attracting and retaining international students across its Programs.

Whilst the original focus of the strategic recommendation ‘shaping student cohorts’ was intended to look at identifying the optimal mix of domestic and international students for specific programs across the Faculty, there is recognition that the opportunity to set optimal student mix targets is, in reality, very limited across the Faculty. As such, the focus of this project will be on identifying opportunities to provide a better experience for our international students (as well as those domestic students studying alongside their international classmates) and better support for our Faculty staff who deliver teaching and other services to a growing cohort of international students.

Expected outcomes

The Project will:

1. Identify best practice in the management of international student cohorts e.g.

a. Proactive strategies to shape and determine the mix and quality of international students (e.g. agreements with other overseas Institutions; proactive marketing to high calibre student cohorts, pathway programs)

b. Support to students in completing pre-program training (as required) e.g. English language training; cultural awareness training

c. Reviewing staff: student ratios for tutorials etc. for those programs with high proportions of international students

2. Building on best practices, design and develop practical strategies that will support the Faculty’s staff and effective operations in a context of increasing student diversity and internationalisation

a. To include measures to support the Faculty’s academic and professional staff in effectively accommodating domestic and international students in education.