Project Leader: Professor Darrell Crawford (Head of School of Clinical Medicine)
Project Manager: Ms Sarah Barton (HR Business Partner)

Project Background and Outcomes

Current situation

The current project is concerned with strengthening the Faculty’s body of clinical academics. A Clinical Academic is defined as a medical practitioner employed by either The University of Queensland (UQ Staff) or a related Health Authority or Facility (Conjoint Appointments or Academic Title Holders) who undertakes significant clinical activity with educational and/or medical research roles. Clinical academics have a fundamental role to play in delivering on the Faculty’s educational and research agenda. They contribute to both the delivery of academic outcomes and also to the development of productive relationships with key external research partner entities such as Queensland Health.

There is an opportunity for the Faculty to develop excellence in its clinical academics. The Faculty seeks to undertake a series of steps to make these roles more attractive, and to enhance the development, retention and promotion of its clinical academic workforce. This is the focus of this project.

Expected outcomes

This project will:

  1. Develop a set of initiatives that can readily be implemented to better support and engage existing clinical academic staff to contribute in a meaningful way to education and research being delivered by the Faculty, recognizing the different needs of these groups.
  2. Provide a series of recommendations/options that will form the basis of an ongoing cohesive approach to sustain and strengthen the clinical academic workforce.