Welcome to UQ and the Faculty of Medicine

New staff (excluding visitors and existing staff) will complete an online induction, where you will be introduced to UQ, the Faculty, our values and history, and our strategic plan.

If you are a visiting academic or student, or an existing staff member, please visit the New Staff page for the tasks you will need to complete

Throughout the coming days and weeks, you will receive tasks and actions to ensure that you are set up in the system and have the access you need to carry out your role.

Some of our Schools have additional onboarding requirements. Please visit the relevant School page in the accordion below for further information.


The Staff Induction Policy [5.30.03] outlines the responsibilities of heads of organisational units, supervisors, induction officers and HR staff.

You can attend Managing the Induction of New Staff training to learn more about running induction programs for new employees in your area.

The online induction will also send you emails through your staff member's induction, reminding you of various activities and check-ins to complete. To view the content of the online induction, along with examples of the emails you’ll receive (page 15), refer to the storyboard document.