Medicine is a challenging and rewarding profession. At UQ, our MD Program provides exemplary education to enable our students to become clinically capable, caring and safe doctors and adaptable, life-long learners ready to move on to postgraduate vocational training and committed to improving patient and public health.

The admissions process is the first step on this professional journey for medical students. Our selection process is designed to ensure the highly sought-after places in the MD program are offered to applicants who demonstrate the attributes and abilities most suited to the profession of medicine, and most likely to succeed in the MD program.

We aim to select applicants who are representative of the populations we serve and whose values align with our vision to educate doctors who are:

  • Critical scientific thinkers Our graduates are research literate and curious. A significant proportion pursue clinical academic careers, expanding the boundaries of knowledge in their field.
  • Socially accountable They are champions for integrated patient care and committed to improving health disparities in their communities. As patient-centred professionals, our graduates practice values-based medicine.
  • Global leaders in health care Our graduates are actively engaged in improving the quality of patient care and public health globally. They are effective team players, bringing skills in leadership and innovation to improve health care in their communities.

In addition to the academic entry requirements for the MD, applicants must also have completed two subject prerequisites.  Short-listed applicants will be invited to attend a multiple mini interview (MMI) as part of the selection process.

Medicine is a profession that requires a wide range of attributes and any degree can be used as a basis of entry into the MD.  In addition to the required subject prerequisites, prior studies that include biostatistics, anatomy and humanities will be helpful to optimise success. Another health professional program such as nursing, physiotherapy or pharmacy which  involves patient care are also recommended.  

UQ students: Provisional and Graduate Entry Pathways

If you are currently studying at UQ, or intend to apply for the provisional entry pathway, there are several recommended programs that provide a good preparation for the MD.  These programs also cover the required subject prerequisite requirements of cell biology and systems physiology, or allow you to complete suitable courses as options or electives to meet these requirements. The pathways A, B and C below list the various programs available. Applicants interested in one of these pathways to the MD Program are advised to consult with the relevant Faculty.

    Pathway A

    UQ programs* that cover the MD subject prerequisite requirements as core requirements before entry to the MD:

    Pathway B

    UQ programs* with study plans that cover the MD subject prerequisite courses, or have elective space where the prerequisite courses can be included, before entry to the MD:

    Study plans should be used in conjunction with advice from the appropriate program's academic advisor.

    Pathway C

    UQ programs* with limited elective space that could cover the prerequisite courses with careful planning before entry to the MD:

    If undertaking Pathway C, appropriate advice must be sought from the Program’s Academic Advisor to facilitate meeting the MD prerequisites

    * Program lists are not exhaustive. Prospective MD students should discuss alternative programs that are not listed with their respective undergraduate program academic advisors. They will work with you to develop an appropriate study plan.


    This information is provided as a guide and should be utilised in conjunction with appropriate advice from respective program advisors for the program students wish to complete prior to commencing the MD program.

    Successful provisional entry applicants must meet all program admission prerequisites of their preferred first degree. Please refer to the UQ Courses and Programs page for the prerequisite subjects of your preferred first degree.

    Special entry programs

    Some communities in Australia face unique challenges, which is why we have a range of special entry pathways and schemes to help students reach their goals. Learn more about our special entry programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students as well our programs for students from rural and remote parts of Australia.