The Faculty of Medicine (FoM) combines medical education with two research intensive schools, three clinical medical schools and five hospital-based institutes and centres. The Faculty of Medicine Early Career Research Committee (FoM-ECR) is a faculty-wide committee representing (self-identified) ‘early career’ research, teaching and research and teaching-focused academics in the Faculty of Medicine

The FoM-ECR was established on 15th June 2017 to:

  • Provide cohesiveness and collaboration for ECRs within the different Schools, Centres and Institutes of the Faculty
  • Facilitate and advance ECR professional development by organising professional development events (e.g. workshops and panel discussions)
  • Facilitate and provide opportunities for ECRs to interact across the Faculty and foster collaborations
  • Develop online platforms for distributing ECR relevant information and events (e.g. ECR page on Faculty intranet)
  • Act as contact point and liaison for ECR key issues
  • Dr Bushra Nasir (RCS – Chair)
  • Dr Natasha Reid (CHSR – Vice-Chair)
  • Dr Sherry Wu (SBMS - Secretary)
  • Dr Felicity Han (SBMS)
  • Dr Kirat Chand (UQCCR)
  • Dr Linda Gallo (MRI)
  • Dr Thomas Kryza (Mater)
  • Dr Helen Haydon (CHSR)
  • Dr Nicola Warren (SoCM)
  • Dr Rodrigo Suarez (SBMS)
  • Dr Abdullah Tarique (CHRC)
  • Dr Kylie Morphett (SPH)
  • Dr Tatiane Yanes (DI)
  • Dr Gustavo Rodrigues Rossi (DI)
  • Dr Dolly Baliunas (SPH)
  • Dr Tiana Gurney (RCS)
  • Dr Xiaowen Liang (UQDI)
  • Dr Ran Wang (MRI-UQ)

Many of the skills you learn as a PhD student are still relevant during the early stages of your academic career. Below are links to several sites that you may still find helpful as an ECR. The university also offers staff development programs specifically designed for ECRs to assist with everything from grant writing and research supervision to guidelines on authorship and how to manage a team (and even finance!).

Mentoring is key to navigating your career path and is part of every stage of your academic career. And its not just about the mentoring you receive or from who, but learning how you can become an effective mentor and help guide the next generation of ECR UQ academics.

To be added to the weekly Faculty Research Alert please email

Access to the Faculty of Medicine Research Alert page is available by logging in to the intranet.

Commonly accessed schemes

Funding databases

These are valuable to search for appropriate grants. The UQ Medical Library provides courses on making the most of these funding databases.