Work Integrated Learning (WIL) requirements

Some of our programs and courses have compliance or pre-placement requirements that you need to meet before commencing your program, course or placement. These are called Work Integrated Learning (WIL) requirements. Many of these requirements need to be renewed for the rest of your career, so this is the first step in your professional journey. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are compliant with your pre-placement requirements. Please take note of the approximate timeframes for completion, as failure to complete all your requirements by the deadline may affect your enrolment or disqualify you from attending placement, and significantly impact your ability to complete your program. 

The Faculty of Medicine Placement Team are here to help you navigate your compliance requirements via Our contact with you will predominantly be via email, as such please ensure you are regularly checking your student email account. 

Refer to the links below to review your pre-placement requirements: