Several organisational units of the Faculty of Medicine maintain distinct core research facilities that provide researchers with specialist equipment and services to meet their research needs.

We house one of the world's best equipped Body Composition Laboratories with a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment for non-invasively assessing body composition in health and disease.
Within the facilities are a multitude of advanced microscopes for live and fixed cell and tissue imaging, as well as 3D image reconstruction and analysis software packages.
A multitude of advanced instrumentation for RNA, DNA, and protein analysis, spectrophotometry, flow cytometry, cellular physiology, and robotic pipetting systems and readers for high content analysis.
We provide training and access to specialised microscopy systems for tissue preparation, slide production, and histo-chemical staining.
The facility is poised to become the leading animal in vivo physiology centres in Queensland.
The clinical facility has 16 multi-purpose clinical rooms and the capacity to host numerous outpatient clinics daily.
A NATA accredited research, development and evaluation, that allows life sciences researchers to translate their discoveries into clinical applications and commercial products faster.
Provided to Faculty of Medicine Academics and Academic Title Holders, Higher Degree Research (HDR) students and MD/MBBS students undertaking research within the Faculty of Medicine.
UQCCR offers a full range of services available for Australian and international researchers
UQ has a wide range of equipment and facilities available for use by qualified individuals looking to expand their research capabilities.

Equipment requests

Please contact the infrastructure support team directly if you have any equipment requests.

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