The Faculty of Medicine has a research office that is dedicated to supporting our research staff and higher degree by research students. The Research Strategy and Support office is led by Associate Dean (Research), Professor Elizabeth Eakin, with support from research partnerships managers, administrative, and external relations staff.

Working with the Faculty Research Committee and Faculty Higher Degree by Research Committee, the research office works to:

  • Provide advice to staff on external research funding schemes, strategies for developing competitive funding applications and research training (HDR students).
  • Identify, cultivate and profile the research strengths of the Faculty
  • Facilitate integration across the organisational units that make up the Faculty
  • Facilitate the establishment of new partnerships with other research entities, funding bodies and industry
  • Develop research and research training strategies to enhance the research performance and profile of the Faculty
  • Manage a number of internal and some external research funding schemes.
  • Provide a network of support for research and higher degree by research student administrative staff in Schools, Centres and Institutes

Research Development Officers

Research Development Officers (RDOs)





School of Biomedical Sciences, (SBMS)

Brittany Campbell

336 51348   

UQ Diamantina Institute, (UQDI)

Kylie Hengst

Dr Lisa Tom

344 37024  

School of Public Health, (SPH)

Cathy Swart

336 55374  

Child Health Research Centre, (CHRC)

Shannon Tumataroa

334 65315  

UQ Centre for Clinical Research, (UQCCR)

Luminita Vlad

334 66071  

Centre for Health Services Research, (CHSR)

Alice Greenwood

334 65311  

Clinical Schools (SoCM and RuralCS)

Debbie Bullock

334 65320

Research Development Managers

School of Biomedical Sciences (SBMS) Dr Ulrike Siebeck
School of Public Health (SPH) Kate Gadenne 3365 5374
UQ Diamantina Institute (UQDI) Dr Laura Garcia Carrascosa 3443 7052
Centre for Health Services Research (CHSR) Dr Madonna Devaney 3176 7341
Dr Murray Hargrave (Digital Health) 3176 4894
Child Health Research Centre (CHRC) Vacant 3069 7361
UQ Centre for Clinical Research (UQCCR) Cathy Wardius 3346 5016
School of Clinical Medicine Dr Megan Grace 3365 5425

Faculty research support

Faculty Research Support





Faculty Office

Anne Louise Bulloch, Manager of Research and Research Training

334 65441

Dr Sarah Flaim, Senior Research Partnerships Manager

334 65369

Grace Raki, Administration Officer (Research)

334 65315

Jenny Croyston, Executive Assistant to Associate Dean (Research)

334 65305

Research Partnerships Managers

Dr Sarah Flaim, Senior Research Partnerships Manager, leads the Faculty of Medicine’s team of Research Partnerships Managers. She can be contacted at

Dr Sarah Flaim

Senior Research Partnerships Manager

+61 7 334 65369

Jen Sodziak (Mon-Thurs)


+61 7 334 65358

Zep Yaltirakli


Nyree Divitini


+61 7 334 65360

Sabine Sand


+61 7 334 65371

Debbie Bullock

SOCM (RB-CU, CHQ-CU, Mater-CU, PAH-CU, Greenslopes-CU, Ipswich-CU, Sunshine Coast-CU, Toowomba-CU, St Lucia-CU, TPCH), RCS

+61 7 334 65320


Monitoring generic box, Student IP Deeds

+61 7 334 65316

*Abbreviations: CHQ CU; Children's Health Queensland Clinical Unit, OMD; The Office of the Medical Dean Clinical Unit, PCH N CU - Prince Charles Hospital Northside Clinical Unit, RB CU Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit, PAH-S CU; Princess Alexandra Hospital Southside Clinical Unit, OME; Office of Medical Education

Higher Degree by Research

Research Committees

Faculty of Medicine Research Committees

Faculty of Medicine

Professor Elizabeth Eakin

334 65305

School of Biomedical Sciences

Professor Elizabeth Coulson

336 59022

School of Clinical Medicine

Professor Paul Colditz

334 66014

School of Public Health

A/Professor Genevieve Healy

336 55039

Rural Clinical School

A/Professor Srinivas Kondalsamy-Chennakesavan

07 4616 5494

Centre for Health Services Research

Professor Len Gray

3176 5530

Children’s Health Research Centre

Dr Leanne Sakzewski

3069 7345

Mater Research Institute – UQ

A/Professor Allison Pettit

UQ Centre for Clinical Research

Professor Jason Roberts

334 65032

UQ Diamantina Institute

Professor Riccardo Dolcetti

344 36953