Information for supervisors

If you are hosting a project in MRI-UQ, please contact Sarah Doyle,

The Faculty of Medicine is now accepting project submissions for the 2024 Summer Research Program. The project submission deadline for projects seeking SEED/Faculty funding is Friday 1 September 2023. Projects submitted following this date are subject to the supervisor confirming they can fully fund the scholarship.

Important update for 2024 Round

Please note changes to the UQ Summer Research Program this year:

  • These are now run as fixed 6-week projects with the students registered for unpaid work experience with UQ, hosted by the supervisor. 
  • The project dates are fixed from 8th January to 16th February 2024.  There is no option to extend the program or vary the dates. 
  • The student will receive a personal grant of $3,000. 
  • Researchers should not assume that existing agreements will cover student involvement in a project, or that our HHS partners will accept UQ students into their facilities for unpaid work experience – please check with your partnering research governance office (eg in their HHS) before proposing projects.

Things to consider

The UQ Summer Research Program provides UQ students with an opportunity to gain research experience working alongside some of the university’s leading academics and researchers. Participation is open to undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students studying at The University of Queensland.

  • The program runs for 6 weeks from 8 January 2024 to 16 February, and for 20 - 36 hrs per week as advertised.
  • Projects should not conflict with teaching weeks and should not commence before the applicant concludes their assessment and exams. As in previous years, MD students are not able to participate due to the shorter summer break in the MD academic calendar.
  • Students receive a grant of $3,000 and this is not pro-rata to hours per week.
  • Depending on the SEED budget, the Faculty of Medicine expects to support 60 to 65 scholarships, 6 weeks each.
  • Organisational units and supervisors can add additional scholarships by meeting the full cost. 
  • The program is open only to enrolled UQ students.
  • Supervisors must hold a UQ appointment, including ATH, conjoint, adjunct, etc at the time of Project submission and the duration of the summer research program.
  • All ethics and compliance approvals must be in place when the project is proposed.
  • Projects at hospital or other non-UQ sites or impacted by research agreements between UQ and another entity, must be “project-ready” before being proposed, i.e., with all governance and compliance in place.  Project supervisors at hospital sites must obtain confirmation from the relevant HHS’s governance office that it is possible for a student to come onto the hospital site and conduct this project as a UQ unpaid work experience, and that an agreement between UQ and the HHS either already exists or is not required. 
  • Supervisors are required to meet with the student a minimum of 1 hour per week face to face or via telephone, zoom or skype.
  • Further information is here.

2023-24 Timeline

6 August
Call for supervisors to submit summer projects
23 August
Closing date for supervisors to submit summer project for FoM/SEED funding
1 September
FoM summer research project list available on website
15 SeptemberClosing date for any last-minute project listings (not funded by FoM/SEED)
18 September
Student applications open
22 October
Closing date for student applications to be submitted
23 October-17 November
Shortlisting period – unit coordinator to send student applications to supervisors
17 November
All applicants must be notified of their outcome
1 December
Acceptances due
8 January 2024
Program officially commences
16 February 2024
Program officially concludes

If you have difficulty submitting the form online, please contact us on for a word document version.