Become an MMI interviewer

Our MD Program strives to be internationally renowned for the excellence of our education and the quality of our graduates. We aim to provide exemplary education to enable our students to become safe and effective interns and adaptable, life-long learners committed to improving patient and public health. To achieve this goal, it is essential to identify prospective students who have the potential to be outstanding doctors.

Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) were introduced into the MD selection process in 2019, and allow assessment of a range of humanistic skills, such as communication, teamwork, empathy, and integrity. These qualities are shown to correlate with performance in the later clinical years of the MD. MMIs are widely recognised as a best practice method to select applicants based on values-based attributes for medical training programs.

We invite our community of stakeholders to participate in the admission process. To successfully run the MMI we need the help of a large team: clinicians, Faculty of Medicine staff, medical students, Health and Behavioural science staff and community members. Your contribution as an interviewer is essential to enable us to undertake this important selection process.

1. Who can be MMI interviewer?

If you have an interest in helping to select the next generation of doctors you can volunteer to be an MMI interviewer. You do not need to be a medical professional or have a background in medicine.  However, we do not allow high school teachers, guidance counsellors or interview coaches to be interviewers.