Our Research Partnerships Managers (RPM) facilitate the interaction between UQ researchers and their external partners, ranging from industry to government departments.  They identify suitable partners and assist with the management of research contracts and agreements, liaising with all of the relevant areas of UQ on your behalf. They are also able to advise on industry facing funding schemes that may be utilised to leverage funding.

Examples of types of services they provide and types of contracts they assist with are:

Research agreements:

  • Materials or Data Transfer Agreements
  • Confidentiality or Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Student Assignments of IP
  • Collaborative Research Agreements and MIAs
  • Contract Research Agreements
  • Clinical Trial Agreements
  • Hospital Governance Agreements
  • Agreement Variations, Novations and Terminations

Liaison with External Parties:

  • Negotiations of commercial terms
  • Assistance with commercial aspects of Industry grants (e.g. NHMRC Development, ARC Linkage)
  • Liaison with Internal Parties: RMO, Research Legal and the Faculty - RPMs triage contracts at UQ from establishment to execution and implementation.
  • Advice on budget preparation and indirect costs (overheads)
  • Liaison with UniQuest.

Click here to see a list of Research Partnerships Managers (RPMs) for Schools, Centres, Institutes and Clinical Units.

For consulting contracts and non-research related agreements, please lodge a request for legal services. Please note that the request will have to be authorised by the relevant Executive Dean, Head of School, Faculty Executive Officer, School Manager or equivalent.