The Faculty of Medicine hosts a wide number of students across its Schools, Centres and Clinical Schools. In order for these students to conduct a program of research or to engage in UQ-led research projects, they may need to sign an appropriate agreement to ensure that UQ can fulfil existing contract obligations.

See the 5 steps to signing off your student IP agreement

There are two types of agreements, as outlined in the table below.

Type of Student

When to Use





PhD and MPhil

HDR Student IP and Confidentiality Deed Poll (SIPC)

  • Non-project specific (relates to the whole HDR program)
  • The student inserts basic details in the schedule, signs and provides to the RPM/Grad School
  • Includes a statement acknowledging that UQ has recommended and provided an opportunity for them to seek independent legal advice
  • Does not require counter-signature by a UQ delegate


Undergraduates/non-HDR graduates working on specific projects requiring confidentiality or with IP-sharing arrangements in place

Summer/winter scholars, Med students, non-HDR graduates e.g. MPH, higher doctorates

Student IP and Confidentiality Agreement (SIPCA)

  • Relates to a specific project
  • The student inserts basic details of the project, signs, and provides a copy to their supervisor and the relevant RPM
  • The student is also required to complete a separate form acknowledging that UQ has recommended and provided an opportunity for them to seek independent legal advice and indicating if they elected to do so
  • The agreement is countersigned by the Director, Research Partnerships 

There are a number of similarities including terms relating to:

  • Intellectual property (IP) and UQ IP policy – IP created by the student when carrying out the program/project is assigned to UQ, and the student agrees to abide by UQ’s IP policy.
  • Copyright in theses and publications – the student retains copyright in their thesis and any publications they are the sole author of. UQ is granted a broad licence to use and reproduce the works for non-commercial, teaching and research purposes.
  • Publications – UQ is required to provide consent for publications.
  • Share of income – the student will share in any income arising from commercialisation of the IP in line with UQ’s IP Policy
  • Confidentiality – the student must maintain confidentiality, comply with any third party terms imposed on UQ and return any confidential documents upon completion.
  • Moral rights – the student consents to UQ performing specific actions that might otherwise infringe their moral rights.