Telehealth in the spotlight

28 Sep 2015

In August, the Faculty of Medicine + Biomedical Sciences reported a story from the Centre for Online Health about the latest rollout of telehealth services as part of the Health-e-Regions project.

Rehabilitative services such as speech pathology are now being offered to students at Tara Shire State College.

Telehealth services are helping regional areas overcome the tyranny of distance when specialist treatments are required.

The importance of telehealth services was also the focus for this year’s Three Minute Thesis winner, Teegan Green.

One of Ms Green’s central points was the idea that even though this technology is available to patients in remote areas it is still a relatively uncommon medium.

Ms Green cites issues of trust and the importance of non-verbal communication in patient-doctor interactions.

Her research highlights the pioneering nature of the work being done by CoH in regional areas, and the possibilities for innovations in telehealth moving into the future.


Media: Ryan Sim, Marketing and Communications, Faculty of Medicine + Biomedical Sciences,