UQ’s Professor Frazer warns against suspected scam

16 Apr 2015

The University of Queensland’s Professor Ian Frazer has stressed he has no intention of moving overseas, in the wake of concerns that door-knock scammers could be using the Gardasil cervical cancer vaccine inventor’s name in an effort to cash in on the generosity of Brisbane residents.

Media outlets have reported that scammers have approached residents in several Brisbane suburbs, seeking money to support Professor Frazer’s work and “keep him in Australia”.

“I’m very happy continuing my research here at The University of Queensland,” he said.

“It’s very unfortunate that possibly people have thought they were donating to medical research, and the money was not in fact going to medical research.”

Police have been notified of the suspected scam.

Neither The University of Queensland nor the Translational Research Institute (TRI), of which Professor Frazer was the founding CEO, doorknock to raise funds for research.

People wanting to help support research conducted by Professor Frazer and other UQ researchers can do so through:

UQ Giving

Ph. +61 7 3346 3900



The TRI (Ph. +617 3443 7000, www.tri.edu.au) and the PA Research Foundation (+61 7 3176 2359,www.pafoundation.org.au) also support vital research being undertaken in Queensland.

Media: UQ Senior Communications Officer Katie Rowney, 3365 3439, Katie.Rowney@uq.edu.au