Faculty of Medicine researchers take science to the pub

8 May 2024

UQ Faculty of Medicine academics will be taking science out of their labs and into Brisbane pubs as they participate in the Pint of Science festival in mid-May.

The festival aims to make science more accessible to the masses and highlight scientific discoveries taking place locally.

The program features academics speaking casually about their research and findings to an audience sitting back and having a drink. 

Pint of Science will run between 13-15 May across several pubs in Brisbane, with academics speaking about topics ranging from brain chemistry to Australian agriculture.

UQ Faculty of Medicine participants

Frazer Institute

  • Tatiane Yanes will speak about the psychosocial aspects of genetics, including how we perceive risk, how people respond to testing, and how these challenges impact translation of testing from research to clinic.
  • Miss Samreen Shaikh will focus on making cancer treatments easier on children. 

School of Biomedical Sciences

  • Dr Jacob Thorstensen will focus on the lesser-known qualities of serotonin, speaking about the effects it has on the spinal cord and muscle activation.
  • Dr Adam Hagg will speak about the importance of maintaining healthy muscle mass through ageing and in the event of chronic disease.
  • Associate Professor Rodrigo Suarez’s presentation will be about brain development and evolution, using a marsupial mammal model.
  • Dr Sebastian Furness will speak about how a possible cure for chronic constipation in Parkinsons’ is facing structural and regulatory hurdles.

Centre for Clinical Research

  • Dr Emily Bryan will speak about the impact of sexually transmitted infections on reproductive health and infertility.
  • Dr Emma Sweeney’s talk will be about the cutting-edge tools being used to combat antimicrobial resistance in sexually-transmitted infections.

Centre for Health Services Research

For further information, other UQ participants and ticket information please visit Pint of Science.

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