Editorial - December 2017

Which came first – the syringe or the hypodermic needle?  The answer to this is in our first feature article compiled by Robert Craig as we look at the extensive needle and syringe collection held by the Museum.  Robert’s meticulous sorting of this collection has culminated in our latest display on level 3 of the Mayne Medical building.

Medical Historian Thom Blake presents us with a fascinating glimpse back at the first operating theatre in Queensland, Andy Reed digs deep into the ‘Curious Case of the Changi Christmas Dinner’ and Robert Craig examines the recently donated doctor’s bag and its contents from the Foxton family.

Throughout the rest of our new e-newsletter which you can view here, we welcome John Hains and Terry Frost as our newest volunteers and provide you with a brief biography of each and what they have been up to since joining the Museum team.

Also, we introduce the Museum Management Committee’s new Chair, Associate Professor Cliff Pollard.

Finally, we can’t very well leave you without some Christmas cheer, so we have included some medical humour to speed you into the New Year!


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