Webinar: Study Skin Cancer at UQ

Join our academics and teaching staff as they discuss our postgraduate programs in skin cancer – the Graduate Certificate in Medicine (Skin Cancer) and the Master of Medicine (Skin Cancer)

Meet your presenters:

  • Professor Mieke van Driel, Head, Mayne Academy of General Practice & Head, Primary Care Clinical Unit, UQ Faculty of Medicine.
  • Professor Cliff Rosendahl, Course Coordinator IMED70001, Coordinator Marketing UQ Skin Cancer Program, UQ Faculty of Medicine.
  • Dr Paul Fishburn, Senior Lecturer, Course Coordinator IMED7012 & IMED7002, UQ Faculty of Medicine. 
  • Dr Tony Dicker, Senior lecturer, Primary Care Clinical Unit, UQ Faculty of Medicine

UQ Faculty of Medicine is the leading provider of medical education and research in Queensland. This information session will outline how UQ’s skin cancer programs will empower confidence in skin cancer management.



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