Strengthening rural health through scholarship initiatives

For medical student Connor, receiving the 2022 Rockhampton Rural Health Scholarship was a huge relief.

“The first thing I did when I was awarded the scholarship was tell my parents," he says. "[I was] depending on family to support my studies, and was aware that relocating to another rural site for the next step in my career would create a financial burden.”

Gaining experience in the bush is essential for future rural doctors to understand the communities they could be serving, and strengthens the potential for improved medical services in rural, regional and remote Queensland. But, for many students, it's not possible without financial support.

Attracting talent and supporting students through scholarships not only reduces financial barriers, but can make an enormous difference to a student’s overall university experience. 

Scholarship initiatives play a vital role in reducing barriers and attracting talented medical students to work in regions that need doctors most. 

“I applied for the scholarship because of my commitment to pursuing rural medicine, and because I was aware that relocating to another rural site for the next step in my career would create a financial burden,” Connor said. 

“This scholarship has allowed me to get a head start with paying back loans that I borrowed for beginning my medical career.”

Developing a robust rural health workforce is crucial for addressing healthcare disparities, enhancing community health outcomes, and fostering growth in rural areas. 

By investing in the development of future doctors to go out to the bush, you’re also supporting local communities Making sure that, regardless of their location, people can access the medical services they need.

 As Connor said, “Rural medicine poses a vast array of challenges to medical students and junior doctors, and it means the world to know that people are willing to help us to contribute to the future of rural medicine.”

By donating to UQ’s Rural Clinical School this Giving Day, you’re reducing barriers for talented medical students to work in regions where doctors are needed most.

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