Why developing a rural health workforce is so important

A career in rural and remote medicine offers you unique opportunities and experiences and the chance to build lasting relationships with patients. 

Our classrooms at The University of Queensland’s Rural Clinical School are the public and private hospitals, specialist consulting rooms, general practices and community healthcare settings throughout rural Queensland, with teachers who are dedicated and passionate rural clinicians.

Rural Clinical School Director Associate Professor Riitta Partanen discusses the importance of attracting medical students to rural communities.   

“We know from the research, that early introduction to rural and remote medicine and repeat exposure through placements in rural communities positively influences a student’s intention to enter the rural and remote workforce, which ultimately is our end goal” she said.

Regional Medical Student, Jill said she looks forward to giving back to local communities through her future careers. 

“I chose to study in the region because rural medicine is really important to me and my family and my whole community where I grew up, and I think that it's something that will provide me with a lot of hands-on experience,” she said. 

“I know that I'm going to get to know the people that I'm working with and they're going to get to know me, so the patients will be able to trust me with things or help me with other things, and that's really important to my learning. And then to be able to go on in that career and give back to a community that gave so much to me growing up, that’s really special.”

UQRCS makes a positive impact on the medical workforce of rural Queensland

  • We encourage and support students from rural backgrounds to pursue careers in medicine. More than a quarter of our students come from rural backgrounds.
  • We encourage and support medical students to pursue careers in rural health. More than a quarter of our students will spend a year or more at a UQRCS site and our graduates are more than twice as likely to work in rural areas.
  • We deliver unique benefits to both our students and rural communities.
  • We provide our students with a clinical training experience like no other.
  • We provide rural Queensland with a capable workforce and ongoing opportunities for professional development. 

We thank you for supporting us.

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