Please read this section carefully. It explains the prerequisites and application process, which is somewhat complex. We are continually updating this process to enable applicants to understand whether they meet these prerequisites, or if further preparatory training or work experience is necessary.

To enrol in the Masters of Mental Health – Art Therapy, applicants need to satisfy entrance standards in all of the following three areas: Academic Capacity, Art Practice, and Clinical Experience, and if eligible, will be invited to undertake an art making group experiential as the next step towards acceptance into the program. Potential applicants will be notified one week after attending the group art-making experiential session if they have been accepted in the program.

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1. Academic capacity

To be offered a place in the Master of Mental Health - Art Therapy, an applicant must possess an undergraduate degree.

  • Applicants who possess an undergraduate degree which is not in a relevant or approved area of study will need permission to enrol in the Master of Mental Health.

1 Note: Either a visual art degree or a social welfare/mental health degree such as social work, psychology, nursing or Occupational Therapy is considered to be a relevant degree.


Louise Leotta
Field Coordinator
Master of Mental Health – Art Therapy