Whole-of-Program Assessment Design: Guarding Against “Failure to Fail” in Medical Education

Mon 11 Nov 2019 11:45am1:00pm


0883-4311 Oral Health Centre

This presentation focusses on key elements for whole-of-program assessment design, seen as a system of assessment, rather than a collection of single assessment tasks. The impact of the extent to which a whole-of-program assessment design is coherent, continuous, comprehensive and purposes-driven will be considered. The implications of design on progression, the "failure to fail" phenomenon, identifying performing/underperforming students, feedback, and defensibility of pass/fail decisions in high-stakes contexts will be discussed.

Professor Sandra Kemp

Professor Sandra Joy Kemp is Director of Learning and Teaching at Curtin Medical School, Curtin University in Perth, Australia. She is an education scientist and completed her PhD in Educational Studies at the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. Prior to joining Curtin Medical School in 2016, she was Assistant Dean at a new medical school in Singapore and she has held senior leadership positions in education in Australia and Singapore. She is a curriculum and assessment specialist with expertise in evaluation, pedagogy, educational technologies, and learning. She has worked extensively with medical educators in Australia, Singapore, Ireland and Europe to implement quality assessment and curriculum practices. 


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