Dementia Registry Think Tank - Piers Kotting, National Institute for Health Research (UK)

Wed 22 Nov 2017 12:30pm2:00pm


37 Kent Street

Piers Kotting, from the UK's National Institute for Health Research, will speak about a new UK service for dementia research. In his curent role, Piers supports the National Director for Dementia Research to deliver on the UK's commitments under the Prime Minister's challenge on dementia 2020 and the G8 Dementia Summit. As Program Director, Piers is leading the establishment of 'Join Dementia Research', a new national service to increase opportunities for people to take part in research. 

Participants at the Dementia Registry Think Tank will discuss the opportunities and challenges facing Australia as we move towards the implementation of a Dementia Network and Registry.  Establishing a registry requires a clear vision of the purpose, careful planning, adequate funding for establishment and for sustainability and approved governance structures. A registry could help to: monitor and improve the quality of care; facilitate timely and appropriate delivery of services; and improve timely diagnosis and support research to find a cure. Understanding dementia diagnosis, care and prevalence in Australia helps to understand dementia in the world. Coordination of dementia registries and datasets is necessary for international collaboration.

A light lunch will be provided at 12pm for those who RSVP by 17 November.

This event is supported by the Global Strategy and Partnerships Seed Funding Scheme.

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