Art Therapy has the unique ability to harness the power of creativity, enabling those to express and work through complex emotions and say things that often can’t be conveyed in words alone. It has the ability to change people’s perspectives, moods, relationships and improve their overall health.

Join us as Art Therapist and Masters in Mental Health tutor, Katherine Winlaw takes us through a short workshop in the art of mandala creating. 

Mandalas have been used throughout the centuries in different healing ceremonies. Carl Jung, the father of analytical psychology, discovered that mandala reflected his current internal state.  In this workshop you will create a mandala to focus on your strengths  to enhance wellbeing and mental flow.  

Materials required: 

  • A collection of random natural materials – seeds, leaves, stones, shells, flowers, nuts, pinecones, etc.
  • A piece of string approx. 50cms in length or a piece of burlap or coloured paper cut into a circle approx. 25cm in diameter (optional)

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