Art Therapy has the unique ability to harness the power of creativity, enabling those to express and work through complex emotions and say things that often can’t be conveyed in words alone. It has the ability to change people’s perspectives, moods, relationships and improve their overall health.

Join us as Art Therapist and Masters in Mental Health tutor, Katherine Winlaw takes us through a short workshop on self awareness in the form of an art therapy body scan. 

This short workshop can assist bringing you into the present moment and creating greater self-awareness of our inner sensations. It is often these internal sensations that can offer insight into our current emotional state and what needs we have and the ability to manage our emotions - both in personal and professional relationships. 

Materials required: 

  • An A4 sheet of paper (a printed body stencil can be used if this is available)
  • Coloured pencils or pens

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