In the Scholarship of Learning & Teaching in Medicine (SOLT-Med) – Project Share Series, the results of completed research, evaluation, or other projects are shared with the broader community of medical educators.

In this talk we are privileged to here from A/Prof Nancy Sturman of the Primary Care Clinical Unit, who will share insights from her Student-Staff Partnership Project SCOLAR.

SCOLAR: a project exploring how medical students choose their study strategies and learning resources, given the wide range of institutional, external and student-generated resources available to them, and how Faculty might assist with this curation.

Learning about medicine can be an overwhelming task, with high stakes. Medical students have access to multiple resources for their study and revision (institutional, student generated and external). Very little research exists

  • exploring how students navigate, orchestrate, or curate, their complex learning environments, or
  • that supports Faculty in designing institutional curricula and pedagogies which support this curation

SCOLAR (Student Curation of Learning Resources and Activities) was a 12 month project involving 4 MD Faculty staff, 6 student partners and 35 other students in total who either participated in focus group discussions about their study strategies, or logged their use of learning resources and activities for the SCOLAR App pilot. We will present project findings, including student and staff reflections on how Faculty can assist students to manage their cognitive and meta-cognitive loads successfully.

Speaker: A/Prof Nancy Sturman, (Primary Care Clinical Unit, Faculty of Medicine), Project Lead, and team.

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