Medical Education Research Seminar

Part 1

Speaker: Prof Di Eley, Director Medical Student Research

Title: Medical Students: Who do you think they are?

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In 2014, a project to examine the personal characteristics of UQ medical students led to research on eight successive cohorts.  The overarching motivation was to explore the relationships between temperament and character personality and various psychological constructs, such as perfectionism, as proxy measures of well-being. The concern over students’ mental well-being and levels of distress continues to focus on support structures to help them cope.  However, the underlying cause of distress and the practices that perpetuate it are not addressed in this way. This talk will give an overview of several studies describing our medical students and suggest ways that, we as educators, may help our students become more self-aware and self-accepting - which in turn may strengthen their coping skills.

Part 2

A facilitated discussion of participants' research interests designed to build connections and networks and to create opportunities for furthering medical education research at The University of Qld.

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