Keynote speaker

Dr Anne Bernard, Head of Biostatistics, QFAB Bioinformatics
Presentation Title: “My career journey post-PhD”

Student presentations

  • Raushan Lala (SBMS): “Characterisation of a Porcine Model of Traumatic Injury and Haemorrhagic Shock”
  • Cheng Xiang Foo (MRI-UQ): “The GPR183/oxysterol axis mediates macrophage infiltration and inflammation in the lung during influenza infection”
  • Masood Ali (UQDI): “Advanced microneedle platform for transdermal drug delivery”
  • Aklilu Sinshaw (SPH): “Satisfaction of tuberculosis patients in health care services: a systematic review and meta-analysis”


Auditorium, Level 2 Meeting Rooms