The whys and wherefores of becoming feedback literate:  a health professions education perspective

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Effective feedback processes can improve learning. Yet learners often express dissatisfaction with their workplace feedback experiences. As health professions educators, we tend to focus on further developing educators’ feedback capabilities. Less attention has been devoted to supporting learners to be feedback literate i.e., ‘know how’. 

In this session, Dr Christy Noble (Office of Medical Education) will:

  • Explore the concept of feedback literacy
  • Share strategies for developing learners’ feedback literacy (in the spirit of intellectual candour, I will also share our misadventures!)
  • Challenge you to try implementing feedback literacy strategies in your context 
  • Map suggestions for future directions of research in feedback literacy will be mapped out.

Presented by Dr Christy Noble

Co-authors: Professor Elizabeth Molloy, Christine Sly, Leigh Collier, Lyn Armit, Joanne Hilder, Professor Stephen Billett


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