Microstructural damage following pediatric mild traumatic brain injury does not significantly affect current flow during transcranial direct current stimulation
Athena Stein, CHRC

Correlation between gut microbiome metabolites and host lipid metabolism in Parkinson’s disease
Shannon Jewell, UQCCR

The GPR183/oxysterol axis mediates macrophage infiltration and inflammation in the lung during influenza infection
Cheng xiang Foo, MRI-UQ

The influence of wearable technology on healthcare outcomes in chronic disease: a systematic review
Graeme Mattison, PCH CU

Neoantigen coated polymer particles for cancer immunotherapies
Hannah Triscott, QIMR-B

Dominant effect of host genetics on skin microbiota composition in homeostasis and wound healing
Jack Galbraith, UQDI

Community drug retail outlet staff’s knowledge, attitudes and practices towards non-prescription antibiotics use and antibiotic resistance in Amhara region, Ethiopia with a focus on non-urban towns
Sewunet Admasu Belachew, SPH

Prevalence of chronic kidney disease in the Indigenous communities of Australia
Visweswar Chilumkurt, RBWH CU

About 2021 HDR Symposium

This free two-day event will include presentations from HDR students across UQ’s Faculty of Medicine, as well as keynote presentations, workshops and panel sessions to support students through the various stages of their PhD and career options thereafter.

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In person (COVID-19 restrictions permitting) at Mayne Medical Building, Herston + via Zoom