1. Single-molecule simultaneous profiling of DNA methylation and DNA-protein interactions with Nanopore-DamID - Yohaann Mohamed Asif Jafrani,  MRI-UQ
  2. The EASY-Health Project: Building capacity of mainstream services in intellectual and developmental disability mental health - Catherine Franklin, MRI-UQ
  3. The identification and characterization of immunoregulatory mechanisms in malaria: Using optimized-SNE and FlowSOM clustering to identify unique CD4+ T cell subsets in malaria - Luzia Bukali, QIMR-B
  4. 2A: A novel angiotensin converting enzyme 2 stimulator from a snake venom - Haru Nomura, SBMS
  5. Prevention of heart failure by expression of neuregulin-1-beta1 in cardiomyocytes using adeno-associated virus - Hui Yi Khoo, SBMS
  6. Visualising complement: validation of C5aR1-specific fluorescent peptide probes - Sandra Parker, SBMS
  7. Aussie troops’ self-reported pain or injury from equipment used on deployment: analysis of closed and open-ended survey data - Catherine Runge, SPH
  8. Whole genome insights into Australian paediatric gram-negative bloodstream infection pathogens - Ross Balch, UQCCR
  9. Engineering human dendritic cells for tolerogenic gene therapy in humanised mice - Clara Heider, UQDI
  10. Antibodies to P. aeruginosa common antigen inhibit serum mediated killing in chronic infection - Joshua Monteith, UQDI
  11. Wollamide cyclic hexapeptides synergise with tuberculosis antibiotics against Mycobacterium tuberculosis - Rachel Rollo, UQDI

About 2021 HDR Symposium

This free two-day event will include presentations from HDR students across UQ’s Faculty of Medicine, as well as keynote presentations, workshops and panel sessions to support students through the various stages of their PhD and career options thereafter.

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